What Is “Marketing to India?”

India is home to 1.34 billion people. 40 of our cities have more than a million inhabitants. I talk about how to advertise to the other 3,960 cities.

Who Am I?

I run sales and marketing at a hyperlocal news platform called Lokal in South India. We cater to over 5 million dedicated users and counting.

Before this, I used to run editorial and production for a regional language entertainment outlet called Homescreen Network. I built & managed a network of 100+ freelance filmmakers & videographers who made 750+ videos in 9 languages from across 15 states in India.

What Will I Get From Your Publication?

I am writing primarily for the people whose profession requires them to learn about Indians from coastal Kollam to snow-capped Shimla. However, if you any interest in finding out how the world you experience is more limited than you could have ever imagined, you might just find a couple of these articles interesting!